Life in Melbourne

Living and Studying in Melbourne


When studying at Paragon Polytechnic, you will find yourself spending money on a lot more than

just the course. Accommodation, food and transport are three of the major money spenders outside of your


Public Transport


If you drive a car, petrol and parking expenses can quickly become a burden. Luckily, Paragon Polytechnic  is located metres

away from the closest bus station, making it easy for you to save money when travelling to and from Paragon Polytechnic’s




Consider riding a bike as an alternative to driving or taking public transport. Cycling can be a great way to keep

fit while getting you around town.



If you live relatively close, walking to Paragon Polytechnic’s campus can be a cost-efficient method of transport.



In order to best save money, Paragon Polytechnic advises that students:

  • Buy generic or home brand products;
  • Shop only once a week: the less you shop, the more you save;
  • Take advantage of specials and discounts;
  • Bring lunch from home, rather than buying food; and
  • Avoid shopping at corner stores, petrol stations and other convenience store locations.

In the event that you are at Paragon Polytechnic’s campus without food, there are many food

options available in the area.


Expenses Guide (VIC)


The following is a guide to the fees (not including course fees) an average student can expect to pay, including

basic monthly expenses and costs of some regularly purchased items:

Prior to arrival in Australia (one-time AUD)

Student Visa As per the DHA website,

Overseas Student Health Cover Varies based on duration of student visa

Travel to Australia Varies based on departure location

Accommodation Bond (refundable deposit) Four to six weeks rent worth

Rent in advance One to two weeks rent worth

After arrival in Australia (monthly expenses in AUD)

Two-bedroom Apartment One-bedroom Shared House

Rent $1120 – $1640 $645 – $1075

Utilities, i.e. gas, electricity and water $100 – $150 $40 – $60

Food $400 – $500 $400 – $500

Mobile phone $40 – $50 $40 – $50

Internet $30 – $50 Possibly included in rent

Public transport $30 – $60 $30 – $60

Recreation $200 – $300 $200 – $300

Total/month $1920 – $2750 $1355 – $2045

Total expenses over the duration of the

AUR30616 course

(60 weeks, not including course fees)

$28800 – $41250 $20325 – $30675

Total expenses over the duration of the

AUR40216 course

(28 weeks, not including course fees)

$13440 – $19250 $9485 – $14315

Total expenses over the duration of the

AUR50116 course

(52 weeks, not including course fees)

$24960 – $35750 $17615 – $26585